Lien Search / Real Property Search / Document Retrieval


Below is a list of indices searched and reports we provide.

Lien Search / Document Retrieval:

  • UCCs

  • Federal* and State Tax Liens

  • Judgments

  • Pending Suits

  • Fixture Filings

  • Probate

  • Bankruptcy

Real Property Search / Document Retrieval

  • Current Owner

  • Two or Three Owner/PMM

  • Full 30-year Search

  • Deed & Mortgage

  • Update/Bringdown

  • Current Deed only

  • Specific Mortgage and/or Assignments

  • Document Retrieval (Book & Page provided)

Tip #1:

Please be aware that the Arkansas Secretary of State's computerized indexing system does not disregard certain "ending noise words" or phrases previously thought to be silent.

These phrases are "a corporation" and "a partnership", words commonly used by the IRS when filing tax liens.

A recent search of a corporate name turned up several UCC's, but no tax liens. A subsequent search of the corporate name followed by the words, "a corporation" turned up 4 tax liens, but no UCC's.

The State's explanation is that the indexing program is written in such a way that "a" is not silent and the use of "a" before "corporation" apparently overrides programming that would otherwise disregard the word "corporation".


Tip #2:

Search two ways for the most reliable results.In order to provide the most reliable search for Federal Tax Liens, we are suggesting two searches be ordered with the second using "a corporation" after a corporate name, or "a partnership" after a partnership name.


Examples:  XYZ Inc, a corporation (The IRS included "Inc" in the name in the one example we have seen. We don't know if they will always do so.)
Smith and Jones, a partnership

IMPORTANT:  Continue Ordering UCC searches as you have before, as most filings will be indexed this way.

Examples:  XYZ, Inc. (or, just "XYZ")
Smith & Jones

Some Federal Tax Liens are indexed in the actual corporate name without "a corporation" or "a partnership" appended.


If you are ordering only a Federal Tax Lien search, we still suggest you search it both ways. We have had tax liens show up when searching names with silent endings such as XYZ, Inc., so we know these liens can be, and are, indexed either way.