UCC Filing / Fixture Filling / Mortgage Recording Services



Quest Research Inc. provides filing service for UCC's at Secretary of State, Arkansas for a nominal fee. Mortgage filing and fixture filing services are also offered in all Arkansas counties. Clients can be assured that our experienced staff will follow up on any problems or questions that may arise. Our service is not complete until you are satisfied that your lien is perfected.


Mortgage recordings and Fixture Filings walked-through all Arkansas counties at your request.










Arkansas Law Regarding UCC Farm Filings 

Act 942, passed in the 87th Arkansas General Assembly Regular Session of 2009, changed the location for most farm filings from the county to the Secretary of State.  Financing statements currently on file at a county will remain effective until they are terminated or they lapse.

The only EXCEPTION was farm-stored commodities financed by a loan through the Commodity Credit Corporation of the United States Department of Agriculture. All UCC filings, including continuations and terminations, for Commodity Credit Corporation loans will be filed in the Circuit Clerk's office in the county where the debtor is "located" until December 31, 2012.  Since then, however, all UCC filings are filed at the Secretary of State, Arkansas. (Save, of course, Fixture Filings recorded in the land records of the Circuit Clerk's office within the county the real estate is located.)