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What Can
Quest Research
Do for You?

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Lien Search / Property Search / Document Retrieval

Lien, litigation and property searches have been Quest's mainstay for our 30+ years in business. Twenty experienced searchers, a combination of employees and contractors, enable Quest Research, Inc. to cover all counties in Arkansas every two days. We are in some jurisdictions every day. These include the Secretary of State as well as a number of counties such as Pulaski, Faulkner, Saline, Sebastian, Washington, White, and Craighead. Your search order will normally be back to you within two to three days, or quicker for many counties. 


Orders are entered into our proprietary software which enables us to quickly track your order and identify where your order is in the process. Our lien search results are summarized on a typewritten report accompanied by copies of our findings.  Real estate search results are noted on a handwritten worksheet summarizing our findings and any notes regarding the search.  Of course, copies of the documents accompany our real estate worksheet as well.  (A typewritten report is available for an additional $25.00 fee. ) Samples of our typewritten reports can be seen at Quest Reports.  If you ever need to follow up on an order, you needn't worry about being able to contact us. We always have ten helpful staff members available to assist you.


1.  The Arkansas Secretary of State's computerized indexing system does not disregard certain "ending noise words" or phrases previously thought to be silent.  These phrases are "a corporation" and "a partnership," words commonly used by the IRS when filing tax liens.  A recent search of a corporate name turned up several UCC's, but no tax liens.  A subsequent search of the corporate name followed by the words, "a corporation" turned up 4 tax liens, but no UCC's.  The State's explanation is that the indexing program is written in such a way that "a" is not silent and the use of "a" before "corporation" apparently overrides programming that would otherwise disregard the word "corporation."

2.  Search two ways for the most reliable results.  In order to provide the most reliable search for Federal Tax Liens, we are suggesting two searches be ordered with the second using "a corporation" after a corporate name, or "a partnership" after a partnership name.

Examples:  XYZ Inc, a corporation (The IRS included "Inc" in the name in the one example we have seen.  We don't know if they always do so.)

Smith and Jones, a partnership

IMPORTANT: Continue ordering UCC searches as you have before, as most filings will be indexed this way.

Examples: XYZ, Inc. (or, just "XYZ")

Smith & Jones

Some Federal Tax Liens are indexed in the actual corporate name without "a corporation" or "a partnership" appended.

If you are ordering only a Federal Tax Lien search, we still suggest you search it both ways.  We have had tax liens show up when searching names with silent endings such as XYZ, Inc., so we know these liens can be, and are, indexed either way.

Corporate Filing and Retrieval

Your corporate filings and requests for corporate documents are hand carried daily to the Secretary of State's office (multiple times, if necessary). Our staff member waits for your documents before returning to the office, or retrieves them the same day, so that your early morning order is sure to be returned to you the same day. This is our standard service. There is normally no expedite fee for same day service.

Danny Clements is the person in charge of our Corporate Services department. His 18 plus years with Quest Research, Inc. make him a valuable source of information for clients with corporate filing questions.

Registered Agent Services

Quest Research, Inc. represents thousands of companies from around the world for the purpose of service of process in Arkansas.  We are affordable and experienced.  Danny Clements manages the Registered Agent Department and can handle any questions you may have.  Call us today.

UCC Filing / Fixture Filing / Mortgage Recording Services

Quest Research, Inc. provides filing service for UCC's at Secretary of State, Arkansas for a nominal fee.  Mortgage filing and fixture filing services are also offered in all Arkansas counties.  Clients can be assured that our experienced staff will follow up on any problems or questions that may arise.  Our service is not complete until you are satisfied that your lien is perfected.

Arkansas Law Regarding UCC Farm Filings

Act 942, passed in the 87th Arkansas General Assembly Regular Session of 2009, changed the location for most farm filings from the county to the Secretary of State.  Financing statements currently on file at a county will remain effective until they are terminated or they lapse.

The only EXCEPTION was farm-stored commodities financed by a loan through the Commodity Credit Corporation of the United States Department of Agriculture.  All UCC filings, including continuations and termination, for Commodity Credit Corporation loans will be filed in the Circuit Clerk's office in the county where the debtor is "located" until December 31st, 2012.  Since then, however, all UCC filings are filed at the Secretary of State, Arkansas.  Save, of course, Fixture Filings recorded in the land records of the Circuit Clerk's office within the county where the real estate is located.

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